Running in a circle #$^#$^!

I was wondering which way to run, when my husband suggested a route leading to a restaurant 5 miles from home.

It looked like a nice enough route, so I decided to take it, even though it was unfamiliar. I calculated it would take me about 50 minutes, or up to an hour, to get there. I would have a nice cup of coffee and then I would run 6k to the pancake restaurant I love, have anóther cup of coffee, and then it would be just 1 mile to get home.

So off I went, feeling quite pleased with all the new things I saw along the way. But after about 35 minutes I started feeling a bit nervous, because there was this odd fork in the road and I have a tendency to always choose the wrong one. After much consideration I decided to turn right. Oh, if only I hadn't done that, because after about an hour of running I was nót near the restaurant, but almost back home again. Turns out I had run in a circle. I just hate it when that happens!

Rain came pouring down, and I just couldn't face trying to reach the restaurant anymore. Not when I had just spend an hour running in a circle. So I stumbled home dripping with rain and sweat, and when I got there I told my husband: 'You, and your scenic routes! You made me run in a circle.'

After he had finished laughing his head off, my husband poured me a nice cup of coffee to console me. And I thought to myself: 'Oh well, at least my circle got me home.'

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Char said...

I like the way you plan your runs - around where you can get coffee. It makes total sense.

Joyce said...

This put a smile on my face, sorry you did not make it to your destination. Stopping by from the Wordless Wednesday site.

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