Running Zealot

Running zealot

When a three year old toddler spots one of his own kind and size crying, he may try to help. 

By offering hís mom.

Because that's where hé gets his comfort from. I'm suffering from the same affliction: whenever I talk to someone who is feeling down in the dumps, I wanna tell them to take up running.

Running will make you feel better!

I want to tell them how I'm súre running will make them feel better, how it will improve their life, and how it's the best thing they can do for themselves! But I bite my tongue, because I know there's nothing worse than the (fairly) recenty converted. And I don't want to become a Running Zealot, who people see coming with dread. One who will make them do a u-turn saying to themselves: 

'Oh no! There comes that Running Zealot! I'd better make a run for it!'

Easy does it! I hope...

So whenever I feel this almost irrestistible urge to share the joy of running, I take a deep breath, and I go all nonchalant. Saying stuff like: 'It's probably not for you, but what has helped mé tremendously, is running. And I used to be thát girl, the girl who was always chosen last because she sucked at sports. And look at me now!'

And then I hold my breath, hoping the seed I have gently planted will grow!

Do you suffer from the desire to convert other people to running?!

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fancy nancy said...

Absolutely!! I am always trying to get my friends to just try it out...certain they will get bit by the running bug!

Char said...

There's nothing wrong with a little soap-box preaching. I do it all the time to my kids - but I think they refer to it as brain-washing. And I've even gone so far as to take them on interstate trips just to get them to run with me. There's nothing wrong with a little bribery and corruption if the end motive is pure.

Momshomerun said...

That's an interesting point of view Char!

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