Hairdo's and don'ts during running

Of course I would love to be out there running, my hair flowing behind me. Gently waving in the wind. It's a beautiful picture…

But alas, the reality is that my hair gets really sweaty during my runs, and all I want is to keep it out of my face and 'out of my hair'.

Running with long hair

After years of trying to look like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby it finally hit me: I dón't look like Mia Farrow, I just look butch. So I decided to grow my hair. And I am now the proud owner of shoulder length hair.

When I go out for a run, I either use a hair band to pull it into a really messy knot, or when I'm feeling girly, into a long ponytail. You know, the kind that swishes from left to right when you run?! And to make sure the hair stays out of my face, I use an alice band or one of those elastic bands you pull over your head. Because there's noting so annoying like hair that keeps getting in the way.

Running with short hair

I don't know what it's like to run with a short hair cut. I suppose it's really practical, but I'm not sure how easy it is to keep away from your face. And since I go all red and sweaty during my runs, I like to have lots of hair to compensate...

What kind of hairdo do you have, and what do you do with your hair during you run?

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  1. Oh, I can so relate to this. I have really long hair and it is gross when I am done with my run. I keep it up just like you, either a knot or ponytail.

  2. I have a shoulder length bob. I always run with a hat. It keeps my hair from getting in my face and keeps the sun off my face.

    1. I get the hat, but with your hair loose, don't you get hot?

  3. I'm with you...I have a ton of hair that is a bit crazy and unruly so I usually use 2-3 hair bands to keep it back in a messy bun and a hair thing around my head to keep the strays out of my face. Usually by the end of my run my face is as red as my hair so I look like a crazy person no matter what. LOL

  4. I have fairly short hair and when I run it gets sweaty and plasters down onto my head. Combine that with a really red face and, yep you guessed it, not so attractive. I always wished my hair would look okay long but it's so thin and straggly I'd need extensions in to make a decent ponytail and seriously, who can be bothered?

    1. Hi Char, how about one of those Bondi bands? Would they help?
      I tried them, but felt their were too tight. Also they really brought out my face, which isn't a good thing unfortunately...