Zombies, Run! app

During my long run on Sunday I flew in a helicopter to a secret destination, but the helicopter was shot down by some unknown evil people! It crashed but I survived, and ran all the way to a village, while being chased by zombies.

Now, don't go thinking I've been sniffing too much endorphines, because this really happened during my first run with the Zombies, Run! app!

The story of Zombies, Run!

You can download this app for 8$ for which you become part of an exciting apocalyptic world in which mankind has been dramatically diminished and is besieged by scary zombies who want to bite them. When you go out for a run, you can gather important supplies and food, while all the way making sure the zombies don't get you.

It sucks all the boredom out of your runs!

The Zombies Run! app certainly adds some spice to a run. At one point I found myself looking over my shoulder in fear, expecting to see the zombies chasing me. During this audio adventure you can also listen to your own playlists. So while Brad Paisley wondered what in heaven's name is 'too country' I picked up batteries, bottled water and 8 pairs of knickers.

What's also great about the Zombies Run! app is that you can hear the people who made it are having fun. It's funny, humoristic and like being part of a movie.

Zombies, Run! app less suitable for iPod Touch

I was a bit disappointed when I ran 10 miles today, but the Zombies, Run! app hadn't registered them. So I did some research and it turns out GPS is only available on iPhones and I had borrowed my eldest son's iPod touch. Luckily there's another way to track your activity by using the accelerometer feature. But the drawback of the accelerometer is that no zombie chases will occur, and it's reported to be less reliable than GPS.

But the Zombie, Run! app has me seriously considering buying an android so I can use all its features, and track my runs in new and exciting ways.

To sum up: reasons why I love the Zombies Run! app

  1. It's funny
  2. It adds an exciting twist to an average run
  3. You can still listen to your own music
  4. It makes you feel part of something bigger
  5. It's like being one the heroes in an action movie
  6. It's motivating: if feels good to hear you've picked up some food!
  7. You can easily share your runs with your friends
  8. It makes you feel part of a communicty
  9. It let's you track how far you've run and how many calories you've burned
  10. It's a welcome change to be chased by zombies instead of children

Wanna know more?

Go to the Zombies, Run! website. You use this app on your iPhone and android. You cán use the Zombies,run app on your iPod Touch but then you miss out on zombie chases.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA!! That sounds like a great app!

Char said...

Looks like fun. I must show it to mu hi-tech son who likes to run.

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