Green running top!

running top

I've been looking for a green running top for ages, but couldn't fine one anywhere. Or I did find one, but then it would have stupid stripes and stuff on it.

But now I've found one! Ik bought it via at Schoolshop for 5,85 English pounds. With added shipping costs of 8 GBP the grand total was about 20 USD. Just about doable.

I bought it in a size M, but in hindsight I probably could have gone for a size small, because it's a bit loose around the breast area. Otherwise it's a nice fitting top: not too tight, but not baggy either.

running top

I really should wear a sportsbra underneath it so my bra straps won't show, but I've only got one sports bra and I seldom wear it, because it's so tight. I usually wear my regular bras, and since I'm not that well endowed they suit me fine.

The running skirt I'm wearing is actually a Nike Running Skapri, but I cut the legs off because I felt stupid wearing tights ánd a skirt.

So how do you like my running outfit?

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Char said...

I'm quite partial to green myself and that's a nice shade. Suits you.

chickenruby said...

I love the colour and the top fits really nicely, I struggle to find clothing that is loose fitting without looking over sized. Thank you for linking with #pocolo

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