Runner's bulge

I saw him coming when he was still miles away. In his bright orange shirt, teamed with a pair of tights. His shirt was short, showing a lot of tight. Perhaps too much.

I couldn't help it, my eyes strayed towards his crotch. So when I greeted him, I accidentally greeted his royal crown jewels. But before he could shout: 'My eyes are up hére, you know!' we had passed each other by.

Like ships in the night.
Only at 9 in the morning.

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  1. But it's hard not to look when it's all out on display.

  2. Oh my! LOL I think it is really impressive you were able to sneak a picture!

    1. I love to impress, but that's not mine. It's just to illustrate...

  3. oh my... I am not sure I would have been looking at his eyes either! That isn't pretty but it sure it distracting!