Unexpected running mate

During my school run today, we were about halfway there, when suddenly this dog appeared from a nearby farm house, and joined us.

'Go home!' I told the dog, but he was just like my kids, and pretended he didn't hear me.
So there we were, me, my two sons, and this unfamiliar dog.
'Oh well,' I thought, 'he'll get tired of us soon, and go home.'
But he didn't! In fact he stayed with us the whole way to school, no matter what I did.

I dropped the boys off at school, and that's when the dog spotted two other runners and decided to follow thém! I felt quite betrayed, let me tell you. Being dropped like that for faster runners…
But the fast runners stopped running, and I saw them gesturing towards the dog, shooing him towards me.
'It's not my dog either!' I shouted and started running towards them. 'He doesn't listen to me...'
'We're from Austria!' the male runner declared. When the dog heard that, he decided to go with me, for reasons only he could tell. If he could talk.

So there I ran again, with my unexpected running mate. I'm not much of a dog lover, but I have to admit, it was quite nice having him there beside me. Unfortunately he still acted like my children, and did as he damn well pleased. For example running across a busy road. I kept getting angry looks from people that said: 'Why don't you take better care of your dog, lady!'
And I kept explaining: 'It's not my dog!'

Finally we came to the dog's home, where the owner just appeared.
'Ah, there he is!' he said.
'He just came along,' I explained, not wanting to appear a dognapper. 'He's very sweet!'
'You want him?' the owner said gruffly, and then seemed startled by his own question.
'I would certainly be interested,' I heard myself say.

Then I heard a big splash, and when I looked around the dog had decided to jump into the nearest creek. I seriously suspect he had ADHD!

So now the owner keeps his dog on a tighter leash. And deep down, I'm kind of hoping that one day he will come up to me, and offer me his dog.

Because he was a really nice, unexpected running mate.

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misszippy said...

Loved this post. Maybe it was all meant to be and he'll wind up yours yet!

Happy Running Mama said...

Awwww, what a sweet dog! He looks just like my chocolate lab. :)

Sounds like you need a four-legged running buddy!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so sweet. He needs someone like you to run off his energy.

Jennifer P said...

One of my first runs in the country, a dog ran with me for my full 13 miler! He was a lovely guy and even though he eventually went back home, it was nice to have him along. I love running with the lab we adopted last year. They are great companions.

Char said...

Maybe you could just borrow him for runs - then you wouldn't have the problem of cleaning up messes in the house and permanent dog hair attached to your best clothes. You already know he's a good runner. And he doesn't bite.

Mom's Home Run said...

Yes, he certainly is a good runner! He certainly gave mé a run for my money. I like this idea!

Momshomerun said...

Yes, he had lots of energy. His owner told me they had lots of trouble with him, because he's so playful. But I thought he was very sweet indeed.

Mom's Home Run said...

I secretly hope so… Fingers crossed!

Momshomerun said...

13 miles! That's a lot! What you're saying about it being nice having him along, I totally get now. I never was much of a dog person, but since I ran with my unexpected running mate I can feel my heart melting.

The Studio said...

I agree with Char. Maybe you could borrow him and it would help the owner out if you could run him? Call it the best of both worlds.

Unknown said...

Me too..... I'm with Char and Mrs. Bacon!

Another added bonus: no vet bills or food costs!!

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