To warm up, or not, that is the question

Sometimes you read something, and the words jump right out off the page. Because you recognize their wisdom or stupidity, whichever the case may be. That's what happened to me, while I was reading The Lola Papers: Marathons, Misadventures, and How I Became a Serious Runner.

These are the words that struck me:

So, te kid doesn't believe in warming up,' Mr. SpeedyPants said during a conversational intermission.'
'No warm-up, huh?' Mr.Speedy Pants's old buddy Tim replied. It was one of the most ridiculous things he had ever heard.'
'No… no. See,' I defended myself,' I have only so many steps in me, and I don't want to waste them warming up.'

This is exactly how I feel about warming up! Isn't it enough I go out running? Isn't that warming-up all by itself?! Like Lola I have to be careful how I 'spend' my steps. Wasting them on warming-up seems like a, well, a waste.

In my defense, I do dó some stretching after about 10 minutes of running. I bend over, and try to touch my toes with my fingers. And then I put one leg behind the other, and lean forward and stuff. That's warming-up right? And I also do this at the end of my run, so I'm even cooling down too. I figure: I've been running for 10 years now, and I've not suffered from any aches or pains, knock on wood. So I must be doing something right. Right?

Nevertheless, all that talk about the importance of warming-up worries me sometimes. Should I do more warming up?

Do you warm up?

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Robin said...

Nope don't warm up. I do make exception and that's before my last 5K race, I actually warmed up for that by running 1.5 miles. That's only because I find it takes a while to get my breathing regulated and I was trying to run a PR.

fancy nancy said...

Yeah I'm not a warmer upper either. I would say though that if you stop and stretch after those first 10 minutes then that could count as a warm up! I understand the benefits of warming up and cooling down but I've never done them.

Char said...

I generally take the first kilometre or so a bit slower. That's kind of like a warm up isn't it?

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