Tunebelt Sport Armband: during a run

'Look kids, no hands!'

I like to listen to music during my runs, so I'm always carrying my Samsung Smartphone in my hand. And its got the rust stains to prove it. Because my hand isn't exactly rain proof.

So when I had the chance to try out a Tunebelt Sport Armband I jumped on it. Because the idea of running without having to hold my smart phone really appealed to me.

Tunebelt Sport Armband: no user manual necessary

I liked the brightly colored box the Tunebelt Sport Armband came in. It had a picture of a woman sporting one on it, which looked inspiring. When I opened the box I automatically started searching for the user manual, but what a pleasant surprise: there isn't a user manual. And that's because it's so easy to use, you don't need one!

About the Tunebelt Sport Armband

The Tunebelt Sport Armband is made from neoprene, and the armband is adjustable from 9 to 17 inches. But should you have the arms of Popeye due to carrying your kids, there's an armband extender for larger arm sizes.

It's really easy to put around your arm. You just pull it through a loop, and then you close it with the velcro strap. There's even a little pocket for your earphone cord.

Surprisingly it's got full navigational control through the clear protective window cover. That surprised me, because the cover is quite thick, and at first glance I thought it wouldn't work. But it responded well to my touch.

Tunebelt: one suggestion for improvement

I really enjoyed running with my smartphone safely tucked away in my Tunebelt Sport Armband, however there is one thing that can be improved upon: the clear protective window is like a mirror! So even though I had navigational control, I couldn't use it, because all I saw was my own sweaty face, not my smartphone screen.

To sum up

Aside from the mirroring effect of the protective window I really liked the Tunebelt Sport Armband. It's liberating to run with no hands. And it's also much better for your smart phone to be protected from bad weather.

Practical info

You can get your own Sport Armband for iPhone 5 by Tune Belt at Amazon.com.

Do you carry anything during your runs?


TorontoRunner said...

First of all, I am in LOVE with your tagline of your blog. hahahaha, so cute!

That armband sounds great! I always run with my blackberry - music and safety. For the winter time, it fits nicely in my running jacket pocket..but for summer time, i have a running belt that I don't really like too much. An armband would be perfect for me!

Bria Burton said...

I usually buy running shorts with pockets so I can put my iTouch in the pocket while I run, but I recently got compression pants (which I LOVE) and they don't have pockets, so this sounds like a great option for when I'm running with no pockets. Thanks for the info!

Laeli said...

I generally just stuff everything into my bra...the armband sounds way handier!

Half-Crazed Runner said...

My arms are so small, I can't use those armbands. On long runs, I love running with my smart phone, and stick it in a pocket, but summertime I have no pockets - gone through every device possible to wear my smart phone, too. :(

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