What do you do during a run?

While I would like to say that I solve the world's problems and think deep philosophical thoughts during my runs, the truth is I listen to country and western songs.

However, between country and western songs,  I do sometimes get these brilliant ideas that make me think: 'I should write this down! If only I had a pen and paper, although it would be hard to write and run, and I can't take a break yet, so I'll just have to remember! What was it?! I've already forgotten but I remember it was brilliant!'

What do runners do during a run?

I was reading what other runners do during their runs, and I made a list:

  • Enjoying nature*

  • Doing some window shopping*

  • Solving problems

  • Praying

  • Worrying about getting hurt

  • Making plans on how to defend yourself in case of an attack*

  • Focusing on body

  • Keeping an eye on your pace

  • Keeping an eye on your heart rate*

  • Planning meals

  • Thinking about the kids*

  • Spitting

  • Wondering: 'If I drop dead now, will somebody find me?'*

  • Doing sums in your head

  • Counting your steps

  • Counting your breaths

  • Meditating

  • Talking to other runners

  • Focussing on your body

  • Blowing your nose

  • Letting your mind roam free*

  • Reading street signs

  • Listening to an audio book

  • Letting one rip after checking there's no one around to hear it

  • Looking at other runners*

  • Checking out your reflection in windows*

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Enjoying the peace and quiet*

  • Doing the alphabet game: look for something that starts with the letter A. After you've spotted that, move on to B, etc.

  • Checking out houses*

  • Singing*

  • Checking your heart rate*

  • Arguing with yourself: part of you wants to stop and the other part is pushing you to keep on running*

  • Worrying about dogs coming to bite you*

  • Getting in touch with yourself*

  • Thinking of a blog post*

  • Calculating how many Big Macs you can eat considering the number of miles you've run*

I've put a little asterisk after every thing I do. Gosh, I turn out to be quite the multitasker!

Which of these things do you do during your run?


Dawn said...

Thanks for that, the list made me laugh, it is amazing how many things there that I also do! hahahaha...brightened up my day! :-)

Half-Crazed Runner said...

I don't spit either!

Dawn said...

nor me. :-)

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