Need a pick-me-up to get you motivated?

running motivation

I was both moved, and motivated when I watched Ben Davis' 'My 120 pound journey'.

Motivational video  

First I was all 'Awwww, how cute' when I saw a little Ben, and then I got choked up when I saw how little Ben turned into Big Ben. As the video continued I was impressed by how Ben took his life into his hands, and made it work.

I've been suffering from Winter Blues, but this video really helps to get me motivated again. It shows everything that is great about running, and how running can help you lead a better life.

So if you'll excuse me:

 I simply must go for a run. Right now!

Get inspired!

Warning: If you're going to watch this video, I recommend getting your running gear ready.


a happier girl said...

Wow! Makes me want to be able to call myself a marathoner! I'm training for a half right now and debating whether or not to go for a full. How inspirational!

Art said...

Wow what an inspiring video.
I am glad that you found it and shared it.

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