Runner Zealot

No one's more zealous then the (fairly) recently converted! Since I discovered all that is good about running, I can't help but wanting to spread the joy.

Sometimes this leads to surprising results! Because recently my youngers sister took up Power Yoga, because, as she explained: 'If I didn't I would have to take up running! I could hear your voice asking me if I had started to run yet! But now I ám exercising, so I don't have to run.'

Which just goes to show, running really is healthy. Even the threat of running gets people moving!

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Bria Burton said...

This is cute :) I try to convert people a lot, and yet it's great that even if someone doesn't take up running, they take up an exercise of some sort.

Rosey said...

I have a son who hates running but does it often because he loves the benefits. It makes me laugh. :)

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