To run, or not to run: it's not a question really

I'm still suffering from the after effects of a mean cold, that attacked me when I wasn't looking. So all day Saturday I was worrying about what to do about my Sunday long run.

'I'm not going for my long run tomorrow!' I told my husband, but mostly myself. Yet the thought of my long run kept nagging me in the back of my mind, because skipping a run just doesn't feel right even if there's just cause.

Nevertheless, when I went to bed on Saturday evening, I did so thinking I would nót be going for my run. But as soon as I lay me down to sleep, my mind started racing and I felt all this pent up energy coursing through my body. I tossed and turned, feeling like my whole body was out of whack.

Even though I was lying in my bed, my body was behaving like it was on a run: my heart pounding, and adrenaline coursing through my veins. It took me quite some time to finally get to sleep, and when I woke up this morning there was no doubt in my mind: I was going to go for my long run if it killed me!

I had to get my body in sync again. So off I went, still feeling a bit wobbly, but soon my body started to make sense again, as my heart beat started to match what I was doing. And to my surprise running felt just fine. Even though I had been feeling like little orphan Annie on a bad day all week, it didn't influence my running abilities.

So I suppose there are different ways of feeling tired and weak: feeling weak in your daily life, doesn't mean you can't go for your run! In fact, it may actually make you feel better!

Have you ever felt tired and weak, and like you should skip your run, but when you did it anyway it actually felt great?!


Bria Burton said...

At one point, this was my regular running experience. It's happened less and less as the years have gone by and I dread running less these days and actually look forward to it sometimes. But I almost always toss and turn in the mornings if I'm "supposed" to get up for a run. I'm an evening runner, so that probably explains why I still struggle and fight and kick and slam the alarm thinking, "Sleep NOW! Run later."

Art said...

I am training for a marathon on 4/6/13 and I am recovering from Sinusitis and Bronchitas.
It knocked me out of my long runs two weekends in a row.

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