Men find women in sportswear sexy!

In my life as a mom I usually wear a jersey skirt with an elastic waist band, and a pair of Uggs.

But when I go out for my run, I'm decked out in skintight spandex tights, or even a short little running skirt or sports skirts. My husband gets all frisky when he sees me in my running gear. And apparently he's not the only one who finds a woman in sportswear sexy. Research has shown lots of men prefer a woman wearing something sporty to a woman in say, an evening gown!

In this funny video, you can see three men enjoying the sporty view!

How does your husband react to your running clothes?

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a happier girl said...

I have to confess my husband does seem to take notice of me in my workout gear. Including after my run which I find strange since I'm one hot mess after a run.

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