Running pants by H&M

I bought running pants at H&M. I'd been eyeing them for a while, and then I succumbed to tempation. They're a bit miliary looking. Read my review!
Always on the lookout for running outfits that don't scream 'Look at me, I'm a runner!' I bought myself a pair of breathable/quick dry running pants at H&M. Usually I prefer sports skirts, like running skirts, but when it's cold they can be a bit chilly.

So I even forked out 35 USD which is a lot more than I usually pay for any running clothes. But I'd been eyeing these pants for a long time, and once I saw them in the shop I did a Speedy Gonzales and got them immediately.

Running pants: I'm not sure they're doing me any favors…

Today I wore them for the first time, and to tell you the truth, I'm not altogether convinced I like them. Mostly because I have this suspicion they make me look fat… Although running tights show every bulge, at least they don't add any extra inches to your silhouette, and these pants unfortunately do. But as sports pants go, they do look very neutral, and you can very well do the school run in them for example.

About the H&M running pants

The waist band of these running pants is wide and elastic, and there's also a drawstring to make them fit tighter. At both side there's a pocket that closes with a zipper, that can easily contain your smart phone, some money and your house key. They're capri running pants, and just below the knee there's a wide elastic part again, which makes the pants look slightly puffy. Though not too much, they made me feel like TinTin.

The running pants themselves don't contain any lycra, so make sure you get them in a generous size, because they don't 'give'.

Summing up

All in all I like these running pants, but I think I may actually prefer my regular running tights! That being said, because these running pants don't look all that sporty, I do feel they're easier to walk into a restaurant in, to get yourself a cup of coffee halfway through your run.


Liz said...

I think they look really good, and definitely appropriate for a visit to a cafe - maybe to get a snack as well with your coffee!

nicoleao said...

Thanks Liz! That makes me feel better about them. I was worrying I'd spent too much money on pants that make me look fat…

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