Running skirt: Evou

Running skirts are the best thing since the invention of sliced bread and Big Macs! I tried out a new brand running skirt Evou. Read my review!
I've said it before, but I just love running skirts. I think they're the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread and Big Macs.

So whenever there's a new brand out, I can't wait to try it. This week I got the opportunity to try a new Dutch running skirt of a new brand called Evou.

Evou running skirt: looks and feel

The running skirt arrived in a white box, wrapped in lilac tissue paper, offering a feeling of luxury. I loved that. It comes in purple hues, which I thought were a bit dark for Summer. When I took it out of the box I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the fabric.

Running skirt: material

The Evou running skirt ticks all the right boxes for sportswear:

  • It's a breathable fabric

  • It has wicked wicking power

  • It offers UV-protection

  • It's made from recycled polyester

  • It's got a broad elastic waisband

Hey, where are the tights?!

But when I took a closer look at the skirt my spirits dropped because it has no built-in briefs of tights. For me inbuilt undies are a must-have for running skirts.

It didn't offer any pockets or handy little holes for earphones either. So even though it's a cute skirt, it didn't seem very practical to me.

The proof is in the run!

I took the Evou running skirt for a spin on my Sunday long run, which is about 10 miles. I told my husband and kids goodbye, and ran down our garden path trying to do a quick getaway. Immediately I felt the skirt creeping up, forcing me to pull it down. I was fiddling with it the whole 10 miles.

Once I got home I wanted to make sure, I wasn't imagining things so I had my 13 year old daughter draw a line on my legs where the skirt was, when I was just standing. Then I galloped a few times around our living room, and the skirt immediately started riding up again. Here's the proof:

I even checked the sizing table, to see if maybe I had gotten the wrong size, but that wasn't the case.

What I like about the Evou running skirt

  • The color

  • The model

  • The material

  • The idea of tiers, which makes it look feminine

  • The length, if it's not riding up

Recommendations to improve this running skirt

  1. Get some built in tights or briefs!

  2. Put some pockets in the built-in tights

  3. Put a pocket in this skirt

  4. Create a little hole for ear phones

  5. Do something to prevent the skirt from riding up

Practical info

Evou running skirts are, at the moment, only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. An Evou running skirt costs 52,90 euros, which is about 70 USD. A skirt from running skirts will set you back between 49 and 59 USD. Prices for a skirt from Skirt Sports range from 45 to 70 USD.


Carli said...

I have to say that once I saw that it didn't have built in undies/shorts OR little places for all your stuff I wouldn't have even bothered to try it for a run. Thank you for giving it the full "workout"!

nicoleao said...

Yes, I agree that undies and a little pocket really are necessary to make a good running skirt.

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