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Where do you keep your house key during your runs?

It's one of those questions you ask yourself as a runner, besides the obvious one of 'Can I stop running yet?': 'Where do I keep my house key?' Because when you get home from a run, all hot and bothered, you don't want to find yourself locked out of your home.

Luckily most running wear comes with handy little pockets, and if you're lucky they even close with a zipper, thereby making sure you won't lose your key.

Places to keep your keys during your run are:

  1. Pockets of your running clothes

  2. Around your neck on a cord

  3. In your hand

  4. Tied to your shoelaces

  5. Tucked into your hair!


  1. Hmm, not sure about that hairdo! I usually have it in a pocket or just in my hand...

  2. Ha! I usually tuck my keys and my iPhone into the waistband of my workout shorts. I no longer run because it hurts my 47-yr-old creaky knees, but I'm a beast on the bike. Thanks for a fun post. Stopping by from SITSSharefest. Happy Saturday!

  3. That photo is too funny! I run quite a bit and always hope that I have picked something that has a pocket. However, during warmer months, my tights don\\\'t have pocket, for sure. I pin my key to my tights or shorts. Saw you at SITS Sharefest.

  4. Love the pic. I used to tie mine around my shoelace, until I read about a runner who lost hers that way, and the cost of replacing the fancy shmancy key was more than her downward spiraling van. But she got a new car out of the deal, so maybe it's not such a bad idea! lol!

  5. Ha! I typically tie my key to my shoe lace, always pulling the lace out of the last hole, stringing my key on, re-lacing and then double knotting. I guess I'm a little paranoid. My phone, though, gets tucked into my sports bra. I always declare that I'm going to invent the sports bra with a pocket for my phone, but I'm yet to develop the prototype. ;)

  6. I hate to sound crazy but I've been known to tuck my keys in sports bra in a pinch! I wear a nice snug one and in a pinch my small key ring with only 2 keys on it will stay put just fine there and a I don't even feel it.

  7. Love the pic! I've have made the mistake of leaving the house without my keys and locking myself out with a hungry, cranky toddler. So now I don't lock my door when I leave. Of course I still pretend I lock the door for appearances sake but I don't know how well that fools anyone. When I run at the track I have to carry around my car keys though, haven't found a solution for that one yet.

  8. I have a huge safety pin and pin my key inside my shorts:-)