Checking yourself out

Checking yourself out as a runner is not all about vanity. It's also a way to see your posture. You get valuable information and ideas for improvement.
Checking yourself out can be a great way to relieve boredom while running. But it can also be quite depressing...

Because people who are running aren't always a pretty sight. They can look downright mean, or in despair. Add tot that a wobbly walk, and what you get isn't the most beautiful picture. It kind of makes you wonder about how your own looks during a run... So beware, before you start checking yourself out.

Checking yourself out as a runner

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I like to check myself out in the windows of the stores I pass during a run. Usually what I see does nót please me! I always seem to be on the verge of collapse whenever I see my mirror image on the run. So I immediately straighten up and imagine there's a string attached to my head, holding me up! I also try to look cool and airy and like running is no effort at all. Obviously checking yourself out during a run is not for the faint hearted!

Checking yourself out  is great way to improve your posture

However it's not all about vanity! Checking yourself out can provide valuable information about your running posture, and where there's room for improvement. For me that means no slouching, and straightening up.

Other things to check out are:

  • Your head: look ahead naturally, not down at your feet

  • Shoulders: keep them relaxed, low and loose

  • Arms: elbows bent at an 90-degree angles, hands loose like you're holding a butterfly

  • Hips: imagine your pelvis as a bowl filled with water. Try not to spill any!

  • Legs: short stride, quick leg turnover

  • Feet: be silent. Good running is springy and quiet

Beware of checking yourself out in cars

When there are no shops around, it can be tempting to check yourself out in windows of parked cars! But be careful doing that, because it can be really embarassing if someone's sitting in the car! Unfortunately I speak from experience...


Nicole said...

Just popped over from Miss Zippy and love this post! I've definitely checked myself out in store & car windows while running. Agree that getting caught is super embarrassing! On the rare occasion that my form looks decent, the quick peek puts a little extra spring in my step!

Liz said...

On my runs it tends to be bus shelters that have reflective sides where I see this great gallumping elephant trundling towards me - and I thought I was sprinting gracefully!

nicoleao said...

LOL! I love this comment. It's really funny. And you're right: bus shelters are great mirrors!

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