Crisis of running

It's Sunday, so I should be doing my long run but I don't want to. I REALLY don't want to. I'm having a crisis of running. I don't know what is wrong with me. I've never felt this unmotivated before in my twelve years of running.

The only thing I can think of is to put on my running clothes, and just go. Even if I don't want to. Because if I stay here at home, I'll probably feel even worse. How do you cope if the running blues hit you this hard?

I could use some kind words and some friendly advice.


Wildstrawberry said...

Give yourself permission to choose, to say 'I don't want to run today and that's fine'. Sometimes it's really a way of telling ourselves that we must stop and just be still. You might even be fighting off some bug or illness, unbeknownst to you right now.
What would you say to a friend in this situation? Say those things to yourself. So meet yourself where you are, with kindness.
I haven't been a runner as long as you but the low moments are always about something else, worrying about kids, trying to making good decisions, not feeling free to just take off in an unburdened way. If you pile a load of guilt on top of that - I should be running! - then the one thing that's totally yours, your escape, becomes another burden so don't let it happen.
Enjoy doing something else with your day and I bet you'll feel differently.

Matilda said...

Sounds like you have already made up your mind that you don't want to do it. So don't, you'll just end up hating it.
We have all been there, well I know I have.
I was scheduled to run today, I didn't run.
I'm scheduled to run again on Thursday... I doubt I will run.
I'm a bit under the weather at the moment, so even though I have planned all these runs, they aren't going to happen. I rather be a lazy bum at home and recover than go out and hate it and feel crappy.

nicoleao said...

Hi Matilda,

it turned out I did go out for my run. Because at a certain point you know it will be worse to stay home. And after about 15 minutes I felt better, and I even ended up having a great run.

In the end I'm glad I did it!

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