Skipping a run feels bad

It's way too hot.

I even felt I had to skip my Tuesday run, because I didn't think it was wise. But then my whole day felt out of whack! Like I'd gotten out of the wrong side of the bed. I've gotten so used to my early morning runs, my whole day feels out of balance if I skip it.

So Wednesday I got up extra early, to beat the sun and the heat to it. I didn't run far, and I didn't run long, but at least I ran. And when I got home all was well again! And as I'm sitting here, typing this post, I do so knowing I've already gotten my run in. One of the other perks of my morning run, is that is makes my cup of coffee taste way better!

I've come a long way. From thinking runners were crazy, to actually feeling worse off if I don't run.

How does skipping a run make you feel?


Matilda said...

I know what you mean about skipping a run. I love running! I missed a run this week. I was going to go for a run on Monday after my half on Sunday, but it was wet cold and miserable so I went for a swim instead. Tuesday was the same, and I really didn't feel like it.
Went for a run yesterday and I was like "man I've missed this" and it has only been a few days.
I'm glad I did miss my run though. I got a really gross blood blister because of a bandaid and not running has allowed it to heal properly.

nicoleao said...

Yes, it's important to be sensible about running! If your body needs a break, you have to give it a break. Otherwise you may not be able to run for much longer, than just for a little break.

Great idea to go swimming instead. That way you can still get your work-out in.

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