Cycling and running

As a child I had to cycle to school every day. It was a 5 mile trip, and 5 miles back. And I hated it with a vengeance.

It was just a way of getting from A to B to me, and not a very efficient one at that. I detested the wind that was alwáys, and I mean alwáys, in my face. So when I finished high school, I threw my bike in a shed and never looked back.

Benefits of cycling for running

Years later I'm still not a big fan of cycling, but I have discovered its benefits. As a runner it's a great way to fit  in some cross training. Knowing that I'm getting a great work out, has made for a grudging reconciliation between my bike and me. And it's a great way to give your joints a break, while still training your leg muscles.

Somebody's knockin', should I let him in?

And sometimes when opportunity knocks, you have to open the door! That's what I did yesterday. We drove 10 miles to pick our eldest daughter up from work. She cycled to work, and we were going to put her bike in our car and drive her home. When we got there I had this lightbulb moment: Why not cycle home?!

Cycling 10 miles instead of eating Cheetos

It was a blissfull Summer's evening, and I had a great time even though, of course, the wind was in my face! But I felt all virtuous because I wasn't lying on the couch munching my way through a bag of Cheetos, which I normally do on a Friday night.

I'm still not a big fan of cycling, but as a means to improve my health and running, it's okay.

How do you feel about cycling?


Matilda said...

I like cycling but I see it as a fun thing to do with the kids. I mean they go slow so it's not like I'm really getting a workout when I ride with them, but it beats walking after them.

nicoleao said...

I do the school run running: the kids are on their bikes, and I run along. It's a great way to not get frustrated by how slowly they ride their bikes. This way I'm the slow one.

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