One order of Superiority please!

In our family it's tradition that whoever has a birthday, gets to choose between a visit to McDonalds or going bowling. Usually the kids choose McDonalds.

Dressed in running clothes in McDonald's

Today our youngest son Piet turned 10! And after much deliberation he chose to go to McDonalds. I used to like their Big Macs, but they served them lukewarm one too many time! So I tagged along, but I didn't order anything. Not only that, I put on my running clothes beneath my dress. Because the nearest McDonalds is about 6 miles from our home, and I decided it would be great route to run home.

No fast food + dressed for a run = great feeling!

So there I was. In a fast food restaurant, surrounded by people eating fat and unhealthy food. It gave me a pleasant rush to know that not only was I being healthy, I was also dressed for running.

McDonald's offered me a Big Superiority Menu! It was the best I ever tasted. And it did not leave me feeling bloated and guilty afterwards.

And it was free!

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