Why do you run?

Why do you run?

Do you know the answer to this question? Or do you feel stumped by it, wondering: 'Why indeed! I must be crazy to be doing this.'

When I started running twelve years ago, I did so because someone had told me running had given her peace of mind. I had just had my fourth child, and my interest was piqued. I was a fanatic anti-sports person, but 'peace of mind' sounded kind of good. The promise of peace of mind got me hooked on running.

Getting hooked

Your motivation to run is your hook. You need a hook. Imagine hanging up your coat, but there's no hook on the wall. What does your coat do? It falls to the floor. It needs a hook. Just like you need to find the hook that motivates you to run. A hook is what gets you hooked! Simple isn't it?!


The hook that gets you out the door to go running, can change over the years. When I started out it was peace of mind. But now it's feeling healthy and keeping my body in shape. Peace of mind has taken a backseat. Though I don't know why, because it still sounds pretty good.

External hooks

Some people need an external hook to run. Knowing they're expected at the start of a marathon in 6 months helps to get them out of bed, and go for a run. The drawback of external hooks, is that they expire. Once the marathon is run, you're left without a hook! Luckily there's always another running event to participate in.

Especially when you're taking your very first steps as a runner it's important to find your hook. Because that's what will make you a Runner.

What's your hook? Why do you run?


Tina said...

There are so many great reasons to run! One thing I like about running is that it's a lot of fun to be outside. Lately, I've seen bald eagles and baby deer with their mothers.

Courtney said...

I initially started running because our elliptical broke that we have in our basement. While I waited for it to be repaired, I wanted to keep up with my fitness, so I started C25K. I played sports, but was never a runner because I always had so much trouble breathing. Once I pushed through that hurdle, I found that I loved it and missed it once my elliptical was fixed, so I've kept up with it. I love being outside, by myself, just running away the stresses of the day.

Mary said...

I run to be an example for my girls! I needed to lose some weight and started walking which turned into running. I'm half way to my goal weight! But seeing my girls want to run also is pretty awesome. My 10 yr old daughter has participated in Girls on the Run the past two years. It's a great program that teaches girls to be strong, confident, and to make good decisions in life. Seeing my daughter complete her first 5K felt even better than finishing it myself!!!

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