Shirts, tops, blouses and running

I usually prefer running clothes that look like regular clothes.

I don't like  running gear that screams 'I'm a runner'. Like tops with lots of stripes on them. And the same thing goes for running tights. I prefer mine plain black.

Running shirts and daily life shirts

What I look for in a running shirt is a lot like what I look for in a shirt for my daily life. A flattering cut, not too fussy and made out of a fabric that let's my body breathe.  I would love some Womens plaid shirts for Christmas for example. The only thing different between running tops and daily life shirts is that I like my running tops made from man made fibre like microfibre.  Whereas I like my 'normal' tops, blouses and shirts to be all natural. Like cotton.

Cotton tops got a bad rap

But cotton tops and shirts have got a bad rap among runners. Because even though it allows your skin to breathe, it soaks up all the sweat. And then it just stays there. In the fabric of your top. And that's neither healthy nor pleasant. Which is why they invented climacool and wicked 'wicking' fabrics for running tops and shirts.

I wonder if regular clothes will be made from wicking fabrics in the future. I think I would buy them. If they're suitable for working up a sweat, surely they're suitable for some serious parenting!

Runner's identity and outfit

But sometimes I wonder if my preference not to look too much like a runner isn't because I still feel like I'm a bit of a fraud? Like I would be putting on airs if I decked myself out in 'real' running clothes?

Maybe next time I go shopping for a running shirt or top I should go for some serious stripes!


Lisa said...

The dry wicking stuff is generally polyester, sometimes with spandex. I actually have done work tops made of this material with a similar feel. They aren't advertised as doing so, but they are sweat wicking and quite comfy actually!

nicoleao said...

If they're sweat wicking I like them! I wonder why don't advertise that. For me it's a great reason to buy one.

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