Do runners suffer less from Holiday Hangover?

The Holidays are a time when lots of people eat more than they should! Many people suffer from a sort of Holiday Hangover. Hence all the New Year's resolutions to go on a diet, and exercise more!

But as a runner, you already exercise. And runners often have healthy eating habits. I went for a run on Christmas Day, and even though I ate a bit more than usual, I still feel fine. Because I know I burned the extra calories right off in advance!

So I was wondering: do runners suffer less from a Holiday Hangover?

Because I think they do! Suffer less I mean.

What do you think?


  1. Nope! Unfortunately athletes are not immune to holiday hangovers! Wish this were the case, but alcohol can affect performance and recovery.

  2. But my hypothesis is that runners won't drink as much, because their lifestyle is generally more healthy!

  3. Good question! I think runners definitely benefit from all the extra feel good endorphins and the benefits of getting fresh air and moving our bodies. So I'm going to agree!!