Running belt for only 2,72: product review

Running belt product review. I bought this belt for on 2,72. Then I took it out for a spin. It can be worn two ways. I think it's money well spent.
The general advice is: 'You only need to bring water during a run, if you're going to run for an hour or more.' Because I usually have a cup of coffee during my long runs, I seldomly take water with me. So I've never been particularly interested in a running belt, also know as hydration belt.

But when I saw this cheap running belt for only 2,72 I couldn't resist. There's no brand, and it's simply called: 'Sport Bidon Holder'.

Running belt: specs

  • This cheap sport bidon holder is 100% polyester.

  • The running belt can be adjusted, and the longest it can become is 107 centimeters.

  • The running belt closes with a buckle.

  • The running belt comes with two pockets: one for a bidon and one for your smartphone/money/keys etc.

  • According to the packaging the running belt can be worn in two ways: across the hips, or across the shoulder

The running belt sounds like a great product. But what's it like during a run?

Running belt: Dirty Harry style

The first time I took it for a spin, I wore it around my hips. Dirty Harry style! I kept wanting to say: 'Go ahead! Make me day.' But I don't suppose sporting a bidon has the same effect as a gun.

When I started running, that stupid bidon kept falling out of my holder. In hindsight, I think it was too big. So I don't think it was the sport bidon holder's fault. In the end I put the bidon on my butt, and that seemed to do the trick. I got home without losing the bidon again.

Running belt: Robin Hood style

The next day I decided to try wearing the running belt over the shoulder. Immediately I felt like Robin Hood. I wanted to grab an arrow from my shoulder pack, and shoot it straight into a tree. This time I took one of the kids school bidons, which is much smaller. That fixed the problem of the bidon falling out. But now I had another problem: the bidon kept wandering off from my right shoulder into my left armpit. Very annoying!

Summing up

I kind of like this running belt. Especially considering the price of 2,72. It's really cheap. And if you wear it around your hips, and you use the right size bidon, it's actually quite handy.

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