It was a dark and rainy morning. A 17 year old boy rode his scooter to school on a dark country road.

On that same dark and rainy morning there was a female runner. She wore black clothes, without reflective elements. In her ears were a pair of headphones. Because the road was soggy, she ran in the middle of the road.

Multiple fractures and a concussion

Now the female runner is in hospital with multiple fractures and a concussion. The young boy is no doubt traumatized for life too.

I feel for both of them.

But I can't help but think: 'Why was the runner wearing black? Without any relective elements. And why was she wearing headphones in the dark, in these circumstances?'

How do you feel about this accident? Could it have been prevented?


Stephani said...

Where I live, we have a very twisty road that goes through the metro park system. There is a trail that runs right alongside it. There are runners who choose the road on days where the trail is icy, and I see them running IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!! I want to believe that people will look out for me when I am running, but even in the best of all worlds, a car may slide on the ice. What then?

Matilda said...

Oh this just makes me sad and it makes me mad. It makes me mad, because this accident could have totally different.
Why on earth would you run wearing all black, when it's dark out? Why on earth was she running in the middle of the road? I mean seriously is she stupid? I get that it might have been better conditions in the middle of the road, but boy on his scooter wouldn't have expected to see her in the middle of the road. And why wasn't she running against traffic.
She knew the risks, well she should have known the risks, things like this could have been prevented with high visibility gear, reflective gear, oh and lets not forget about the headphones.

I do hope that both of them have learned something from this.

nicoleao said...

I agree. I think the runner should have made sure she was visible. Wearing black ánd a headphone isn't very smart running… It's sad she had to learn this way.

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