Run like the Kenians!

I read somewhere that running noisily is typical for the Western culture.

You know, the kind of running where you hear your feet slap the pavement? 'Slap, slap, slap'.

The Kenians however, run silently!

So of course, then I wanted to run like the Kenians.

Last week I really felt like I was getting somewhere with my silent running efforts. In the distance I spotted two ladies walking. They were chatting as they walked. Of course I felt I had to pass them, and once I did they were quite startled!

They obviously didn't hear me coming!

So I'm definitely making progress.

Can you héár yourself running?


Half-Crazed Runner said...

I like to listen to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. I can tell when my left leg is struggling (an injury I've been managing >1year). I do feel when I run the smoothest my feet don't just slap down.

Coco ( said...

I think I notice the sound of other people's feet more than my own. I really hate the start of a race when you can hear so many feet hitting the pavement! I need to listen to music to tune it out.

Amie said...

This is an interesting post. I am not a "natural" runner at all. I was a swimmer in high school. They tried to get me to run, but I never could get past the feeling that running was just not right. Not what I should do to myself. Too much noise made by my feet, my breathing. I felt awkward, like a flapping bird, not in a good way. Self concious of every moving part of me and convinced I looked like some big freak. (I am 6ft tall) I did not think I would or ever could run.
So, the noise of running is for me tangled up in my perception I could not/should not run. False perception I should say.
But, I wanted it! Go figure.
I went to my gym at work, and the trainer told me, everyone thinks they look/sound weird. Just get over it. How freeing that was. I am just beginning, am far from silent, but made a break through and started a walk to running program and feel so much better about it.

nicoleao said...

I always love reading about people discovering running! Good luck!

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