What makes a good running blog?

running blog

What makes a good running blog?

As with lots of questions, the answer depends on who you're asking.

For me a good running blog is NOT about race reports. Or superfoods. Or minute by minute reports of a training run.

A good running blog...

  1. Is about the psychology and philosphy of running.

  2. Talks about the thoughts runners have during a run.

  3. Is about how running makes you feel.

  4. Acknowledges the body and mind connection.

  5. Recognizes the struggle that running can sometimes be. You know, like those times when you can hardly get yourself out that door.

  6. Draws parallels between running and other stuff. Like motherhood. Or life.

  7. Isn't above  frivolous concerns like  flirty running skirts, and what to do with your hair during a run.

  8. Has funny stories!

  9. Has funny pictures.

  10. Isn't obsessed with pace or PR's.

  11. Welcomes all runners, including those who always finish last.

  12. A good running blog is personal.

What are your criteria for a good running blog?


Tina said...

Fun to read your list! I like it when runners tell what worked for them. I get helpful tips that way.

Amy said...

I definitely agree! I love hearing that other people are going through the same emotions as me and also any good advise they can share!

Jillian said...

So true...that's why I started blogging in the first place, just help myself deal with the psychology/emotional aspects of the sport I love and maybe end up with some advice from others who have been there and get it.

Matilda said...

Something that is fun and easy to read, and something that I can relate too, which is why I put a bit of everything on my blog.
But great list.

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