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Friday Five: my favorite books about running

I never participate in any races, but I figured: 'Why not participate in the Friday Five blog hop?!' After all, that's not a race!

This week's assignment is to write a post about anything, as long as you talk about 5 things.

After putting my thinking cap on, I decided to write a list about my top 5 of books about running and why I love them so much!

My top 5 running books

  1. The Courage to Start, John Bingham. I love the fact that before he discovered the joy of running he was mowing his lawn on one of those lawn mowers you can sít on. That's how lazy he was.

  2. The Complete book about running, Jim Fixx. My my favorite part is where he tells about his first run. He just put on some old boots and off he went.

  3. The Complete book of Running for Women, Claire Kowalchik. This is the book that got me started as a runner! The training programme inside this book, is the one I followed when I first took my tentative steps on the path of running.

  4. The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life, Amby Burfoot. I love the things you can learn from running, and how running applies to life!

  5. ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer. It's more than a way of running, it's a way of life. And I really like that.

Interested in these books?

I've collected the links to these books on to make your life easier! (These are affiliate links, by the way)

What's your favorite book about running?


  1. I am not a runner (for a little while I had aspirations to be, but at least for the time being, I'm not pursuing that), but those books sound very helpful for runners! :) #FridayFive

  2. I joke that if I'm not running I'm reading about running, so I love this list. I read Chi Running when I first started running, and I've been following that technique ever since. I will definitely read some of these others. Thanks!

  3. And forgot to say glad to meet you through the linkup!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I actually hadn't heard of a couple of these. I work at a library and when its slow I enjoy flipping through books like this, I'll have to add a couple of these to my watch list:)

  5. Thanks for sharing the list! These look like great books and I haven't read any of the yet. Definitely something to look at :)

  6. Thanks for the easy link ups for the books!!!

  7. Great recommendations! I've never read a running book but these sound good!

  8. Thanks for the list! I will need some reading material this summer, I will check them out!

  9. Great list!! I'm an English teacher and a runner so reading and running are my life :) I'll def be checking some of these out

  10. I love 'The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life' by Amby Burfoot - such a great book! I'm definitely going to look into the other ones, as well.

  11. I haven't read or heard of any of these books (bar Chi Running), so I shall add them to my to be read list (it's ever growing).
    I have read "born to run" and "running like a girl" and I thoroughly enjoyed both.

  12. I read running like a girl too. It wasn't as good as I expected though...