My goals are not very Smart

This week's Friday Five Theme is goals.

Lots of runners have already signed up for this week's theme. They write about goals like finishing a half marathon in 2 hours, or goals like improving their core strength.

So I started to ponder my goals, and all I got was this great big blank. Turns out, I'm not very goal oriented! So I did some digging around in my mind and soul, and managed to come with some goals after all.

Goals have to be Smart

When you set yourself a goal the trick is to make them smart:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely

My 5 goals and how they measure up to Smart

  • Keep on running (like in the song!) Specific? No. Measurable? Check! Attainable? Check! Realistic? Check! Timely? No.
  • Learn to be accept myself for who I am. Specific? No. Measurable? Hell no. Attainable? Hope so! Realistic? Check! Timely? No.
  • Make sure my kids find their place in life. Specific? No. Measurable? No. Attainable? Hope so! Realistic? Check. Timely? No.
  • Be a good person and make my life count. Specific? No. Measurable? No. Attainable? Yes. Realistic? Yes. Timely? No.
  • Do the best I can in generatl. Specific? No. Measurable? No. Attainable? Check. Realistic? Check. Timely? No.

The biggest problem with my goals is that they're not very specific and not at all timely.

But I like them! And surely that counts for something.

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Nicole Orriëns said...

I threw out IntenseDebate and lost all my comments! I copied and pasted the ones I could rescue!

PlayDatesParty @ http://www.momshomerun... - My goals are not very ...1 hour ago · 0 replies · +1 points
Some goals just aren't going to fit the SMART acronym. But it looks like you've got a good handle on what your long range goals are....and that's what's most important. You could try to figure out how to take the non-specific goals and break them down into smaller goals that do fit the acronym. Or you could just keep these goals in mind when you're going about your daily life, which would probably work as well. Have a great weekend!

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Courtney @ http://www.momshomerun... - My goals are not very ...19 hours ago · 0 replies · +1 points
i don't think you should give yourself a hard time because your goals aren't SMART. as long as you keep on top of them and keep pushing towards them, that's all that really matters!
My recent post Friday Five: Goals

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Mar on the Run! @ http://www.momshomerun... - My goals are not very ...20 hours ago · 0 replies · +1 points
They may not be SMART but they're YOURS and that's all that matters :)
My recent post Friday Five: Marathon Training Goals

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Momfever @ http://www.momshomerun... - My goals are not very ...23 hours ago · 0 replies · +1 points
Thank you for saying that Haleyduke17! I like it that my goals are grounded.
My recent post My goals are not very Smart

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haleyduke17 @ http://www.momshomerun... - My goals are not very ...23 hours ago · 0 replies · +1 points
These are all very good goals. Even if they aren't measurable or specific, these are grounded goals.
If you keep using the SMART formula, you'll be on your way to completing some fantastic goals nonetheless. That system is specifically made up to keep you accountable. But with your goals, I can tell you have your mind set up to succeed. Good luck!

Unknown said...

These are really great goals - I love the ones about your kids and also being a good person - way more important than a race pace goal!

Anonymous said...

I really need to implement this goal setting technique in the future, and yes, the only thing that matters is that you like them :)

Emmy said...

I think we definitely have to have an overall direction and big goals in life- as otherwise what do we base our smaller everyday goals on.

Unknown said...

Not all goals fit with the SMART framework, I think you have a fine list :)

Nicole Orriëns said...

Thank you Jennifer!

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