Tri Talk Tuesday: Fueling your training

There are two kinds of fuel for your training:

  • Fuel for your body
  • Fuel for your mind

And since I only like to éat fuel for the body, I find food talk incredibly boring, this post is about fuel for the mind. Fuel for your mind to get you out there running to be precise.

Mind fuels for running

Fuel number 1: Motivation

Without motivation to fuel your mind and your run, it doesn't matter how well your body is fueled! If you're not motivated you might very well stay on the couch.

Fuel number 2: Willpower

You have to have the will to run. And to keep ón running. Even if your legs are filled with lead. Willpower is the fuel that will keep you moving. Willpower is Motivation's little brother!

Fuel number 3: Guilt

Yesterday I ate a whole bag of cheese puffs. I can still feel them inside my belly. It does not feel good. So even though it was raining cats and dogs, guilt fueled my run. I had to run, because of those cheese puffs.

Fuel number 4: Dreams

I dream of staying healthy. Lots of runners dream of running a marathon. Dreams are a great fuel for a run. They make you hang on, when the running gets tough.

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Unknown said...

Yes - willpower!!! And guilt is definitely a factor. I'm trying to clean up the eating so I have less to feel guilty about, and focus on my training. But in general I love to run so I can have some flexibility in my diet. :)

Amy W said...

Great post! Saw your blog on the Mommy Moments link-up :)

Motivation, dreams and willpower are my main sources of motivation - dreams of running a 3:15 marathon (or faster - crazy dream, I suppose) and dreams of running in the mountains. I love running because it's such a great way to push my limits and there is something fun about making training plans and following through with them.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing with the Let's Get Real party.

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