How does Summer Vacation influence your running habits?

running during Summer Vacation
Me and my hubby during Summer Vacation: can you be too popular for your own good?
Summer Vacation, and having the kids home áll the time influences me as a runner.

Route is differing, frequency is the same

But only when it comes to my running routes. Nót when it comes to frequency.

With the kids at home there is no need to run to their school and back. So I don't. Instead I have a different running route during Summer Vacation.

However the number of times I go running has nót changed at all. I still go running 4 times a week, and I ride my bike 2 times a week. I have 1 day of rest. It's the same rythm.

In fact I've even added something to my runs: 10 minutes on my elliptical trainer. My Summer Vacation running route is a little bit shorter than my school run route. So I've gotten in the habit of making up the mile by working out on the elliptical machine. It's a great way to squeeze my crosstraining in, and it helps me to release some stress!

Running: especially when everybody's home

Because to tell you the truth: if there ever was a time I needed my runs to stay sane it's during Summer Vacation. With our house permanently filled with 7 people, 6 of which are noisy and messy, I nééd running more than ever.

Running means alone time, and a time when no one wants something from me.

How does Summer Vacation influence your running habits?

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I get up earlier to run in the summer so I can have it done before my husband goes to work, but I still run four times a week and try to get in strength training or a HIIT three times a week

Nicole Orriëns said...

Sounds like you're still running strong!

One Mother Hen said...

The warmer weather, and daylight saving, when it doesn't get dark until 8-9 pm. I always love to get in a walk after dinner :)

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