Flipbelt: a product review. Explanation about the FlipBelt.

Flipbelt is an easy way to carry stuff with you during a run. I tried one out and wrote a review. It comes in all kinds of pretty colours and costs 28.99

I like to live my life as unencumbered as possible. I throw stuff out on a regular basis!

And when it comes to my mental backpack, I remind myself to clean it out often.

As a runner I'm the same! If the laws of decency allowed, and I wouldn't be too ashamed, I would run naked! When I run I, like to run free. Without holding stuff. But you do need sóme stuff during a run, don't you. Like an ID, some money and a smartphone to phone home or listen to some tunes. 

And that's where the FlipBelt comes in!

FlipBelt: what is it? 

A flipbelt is a piece of fabric that's sewn into a tube. You put it on, like you would a tank top or t-shirt. What's so special about the flipbelt is that it offers 4 pockets! It has a 3 inch width, so most smartphones fit in nicely.

But there are no zippers! So at first I was all like: 'That's stupid! What if my stuff falls out?!' But as is so often the case, I hadn't read the manual properly! Because there's a reason the flipbelt is called the FlipBelt!

Once you've put the FlipBelt on, and your stuff into the pockets, you flíp it! Once you've done that, the pockets are safely on the side of your body! 

FlipBelt: a description 

  • It's 3 inches wide 
  • It's made of quick dry material. So it pulls sweat away from your skin.
  • It has 4 pockets 
  • There's a reflective logo, making sure you're visible 
  • The fabric consists of 92% polyester and 8% spandex 
  • You can wash and tumbledry it. Though on low temperatures 
  • It comes in all kinds of beautiful colours! 


The FlipBelt I received was a flattering size S. Unfortuntately I have a 33 inch waist! So that meant the FlipBelt was two sizes too small. So kudos to the spandex, which made it possible to wear it anyway! Even though it was a bit tight... f

flipbelt review
Because it's too small it's giving me a muffin top...
flipbelt product review
Ah, that feels better! But looks worse.

Ways to wear it 

When you determine your size, consider how you would like to wear your FlipBelt. If you want to wear it around the hips, choose a bigger size!

You can use this sizing table to choose the right size:

flipbelt review

Video demonstration of the FlipBelt

Practical info 

  • You can buy a FlipBelt online at www.flipbelt.com
  • If you would like to see the FlipBelt first, here's a map showing all the retail stores that carry FlipBelts

It costs 28.99 USD.

FlipBelt: summing up 

I like the FlipBelt! I really do. Even though it gave me a muffin top.

Because you wear it like you would a shirt, you easily forget you're wearing it. And I love the fabric which is soft and supple. And very important: the FlipBelt doesn't ride up. Not even when you wear it two sizes too small...

Compared to A Perfect Pocket, which I also like, the biggest perk is that you can wear it more than once.

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love my Flipbelt, I have it in a small, which is too small and a medium which is perfect. I haven't heard of the Perfect Pocket I will have to check it out.

Nicole Orriëns said...

It's good to hear that size does matter!

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