Getting out of your comfort zone: running thoughts

Getting out of your comfort zone seems to be the thing to do. But I can't help thinking of the Sheldon Cooper character in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

He says:

'They don't call it the comfort zone for nothing!'

Stepping out of your comfort zone as a means to grow as a person

But I have to admit, that getting out of your comfort zone can make you a better person. It's a way to develop new skills and build your character. And I'm all for that.

So getting out of my comfort zone is on my mind a lot.

But the thing is: I'm usually quite uncomfortable already.

I'm not very comfortable to begin with

With five kids I worry all the time. And I often feel quite stressed. I cráve peace and quiet. So then I start to worry that I'm not getting out of my comfort zone enough.

Until last Friday. I was running, and it felt hard and uncomfortable. Suddenly I thought:

'Hey! Doesn't this count too? This is not comfortable. So does this mean I've stepped out of my comfort zone?'

If running counts as stepping out of your comfort zone, I can check stepping out of my comfort zone off of my to-do-list.

But then again: I'm very comfortable with going for a run every day. I like how it makes me feel. So shouldn't I participate in a race or something? I réálly don't want to do that, because I like my solitary runs. Wouldn't that be stepping out my comfort zone?

Do you think going for a run is stepping out of your comfort zone? Simply because it's a work-out? 

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One Mother Hen said...

Running would be stepping out of my comfort zone, because I would be self conscience about it. But then it would probably be a good thing to build confidence. Sometimes it pays to step out of my comfort zone, but I don't think I'll be running any time soon. I have to get motivated to get out and start walking again first!

Nicole Orriëns said...

Most training programme's start with walking Alicia. I had to walk for 20 minutes for two weeks, before I could start to run.

I can highly recommend walking and running. It's a lovely way to get outside ánd get some quiet time.

Victoria said...

For me running would not be stepping out of my comfort zone. With three young kids I do not get to do it but it is something that I want to do. #MeanderingMondays

Mrs.AOK said...

I don't run as much as I use to, but I find running weirdly soothing. I believe running in a race of some sort would be out of my comfort zone but I want to, soon.
Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday

Lou Lou Girls said...

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