5 memorable running moments

It's been 13 years since I first started running. I can hardly believe it's been that long. It still amazes me, that I, a fanatic opponent of any form of exercise have acutally become a Runner.

During those 13 years there are some runs that stuck with me.

So come along for a little trip down memory lane!

5 Memorable Running Moments

1. The run with the crotch sniffing

I was running on a busy bike path when I saw them coming. This man and his dog. He had it on a leash. But it was one of those retractable leashes. And sure enough, when our paths crossed his dog took a giant leap and put his nose where it shouldn't go. Right in the crotch.

And instead of pulling his dirty old dog back the man said: 'That smells great, right boy?'

2. The run with the thumbs up sign

It was a bleak Sunday Morning. I was coming home from my long run. And I was tired. My legs were heavy, and every step was a struggle. Then along came this male runner. His feet were light and he looked like a big happy bouncing ball.

He took one look at  me and said: 'You hang in there girl! You're doing great!'

And immediately I felt better. I still think of his kindness, and how he gave me courage!

3. The run with my youngest son

I think it's important to spend lots of time with my kids. So even though I prefer to run alone, sometimes I take one of them with me. They ride their bike alongside me. On a Saturday afternoon I took my youngest son with me. thinking I was doing him a big favor.

But when we got home he said in a smug tone of voice: 'I did a good thing today mommy'.
'What?'I asked.
'I kept you company during your run!'

4. The run with the dog bite

I was on my way home after dropping the kids off at school. I always do the school run, running. So there I was, heading home, when this big, bad bouvier came bounding up and before I knew it he had bitten me in the buttock.

To this day I'm afraid of dogs!

5. The run with the stroll

I had just arrived in a nice restaurant after finishing my longest run ever. I was very proud of myself as I stumbled to a table. I felt like a Real Runner.

Then the waitress comes up to me and says: 'Having a nice little Sunday stroll?'

Do you have any memorable runs?

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  1. Okay the first one pretty much dropped my jaw.. seriously WTF. I guess he could have said ruder things but wow. My most memorable run is the one with the bear. I don't need to do that again, but I do carry bear spray with me now!

    1. That really is memorable! Meeting up with a bear!

  2. Sounds like you should stay away from dogs! LOL

  3. Some crazy moments and memories there. Running is memorable.

  4. I remember running and none of my runs were so memorable. But I would avoid dogs to!! Thanks for sharing on Weekends Are Fun, hope to see you for #WW this week.
    Have a great day!

    1. Although I do try to avoid dogs, they don't want to avoid me... That's a big problem.

  5. Thanks for sharing! My most memorable run was a flat and fast 10K. PR here I come! Around mile 3 my stomach started grumbling and let me say the last 3 miles were not very pretty! I'm just sayin.....

    1. Wow, that sounds rough! Good for you for hanging in there.

  6. I can't believe the guy with the dog said that...it's outrageous!

  7. Yes,I totally agree Julie D! It really was outrageous. I'm having a hard time believing it myself!