Become a supermom in only 15 minutes a day!


Yep, that's right! It'll only take you 15 minutes a day.

And all you have to do is go for a daily run.

I've always felt running makes me a better mom! And now there's proof.

English health care group Bupa did some research. About 1000 moms particpated. Some of them runners, some not. The research shows all the benefit running can offer a mom.

Why running makes you a better mom: the evidence

  • A whopping 79% of the running moms said they think running makes them a better mother.
  • 65% of the running moms says she can manage her work load. But only 43% of the moms who don't run feel that way.
  • Among the running moms 40% feels energetic and fit. But only 13% of the non runners feel that way.
  • Running moms spend more time their kids: 2 to 3 hours a day. Moms who don't run spend about 1 hour.
  • Running moms go for a run when they're feeling stressed. Moms who don't run go for the bottle. Or some candy.
  • 86% of the running moms feels in control of her life. Moms who don't run feel less in control. Fifty percent often feels overwhelmed by life.
  • Running moms can concentrate better.

And here's what the folks at Bupa have to say about the results:

Simon Fairthorne (fysiotherapist at Bupa):

 '15 minutes may not sound like much, but fitting in a regular short run has a number of benefits. Within a few weeks of running for just 15 minutes a day you may start to notice an improvement in muscle tone, increased energy levels and may even be sleeping better. The research shows taking time out for exercise is giving mums a boost so they can take on daily chores more efficiently. Over a third of mums who don’t run said they would like to exercise more but they can’t find the time, the good news is they only need to find 15 minutes a day to make a difference. Absolutely everyone has the ability to unleash their inner Supermum.'

I have only one thing to add: 'I told you so!'

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

15 minutes is always better than nothing! I agree it makes me a better mom and sets a healthy example for my children.

Professor SnuggleSlut said...

Love it! I know running feels like taking time away from my family, but I figure it gives me a lot more years with them! And your info makes me feel even better about it. Thanks for linking up with us!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

I knew I ran for a reason!!

MCM Mama said...

My kids love that I run - it makes me a nicer mom.

Thanks for joining our linkup. Hope you join us next week when we'll be talking about "worst racing conditions".

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