The Undress: a very impressive dress!

Have your ever tried to take off a sweaty sports bra? If you have, you probably know that's not an easy thing to do! Especially if you don't want to cause a Nipple Gate.

Or how about taking off sweaty running tights. Without flashing your underwear? Another thing that requires you to be some kind of Houdini!

How to change discreetly into clean clothes?

Luckily I go straight home after my run. So I can change into clean clothes in the privacy of my own home. But what if you're in a public place? How do you then get out of your sweaty clothes without flashing parts of yourself you'ld rather have stay hidden?

That's where The Undress comes in!

The Undress is an invention of April Estrada en Dennis Caco. They put it on Kickstarter to get their idea funded. And they got their funding! And rightly so.

Because I have to say: I'm impressed. When I pushed play to watch their video I was all: 'Yeah right. They're probably using some kind of tent.'

But as I watched their video, I was pleasantly surprised. Because The Undress is a pretty, long dress with spaghetti straps. And it really works! You can even take off your bra, without flashing any boob!

Just watch:

Impressive, isn't it?

So if you're ever participating in a race, and you want to discreetly change out of your sports clothes The Undress is great way to do this.The Undress retails for $75

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1 comment

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets said...

Wow that is an ingenious idea! I'm almost tempted to buy!!

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