Running for stress relief: Dear Killer

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I recently read Katherine Ewell's book Dear Killer. And it has got a beautiful passage about running!

It's a beautiful description of how running can help you find your balance again, during times of stress!

Fragment from Dear Killer

'On Sunday morning I went running. I wasn’t a runner, I never ran—but on Sunday morning I went running.

Somehow I felt like I needed to do it or I would itch myself out of my skin. I was restless. I needed to run, to get whatever was in me out—so I ran.

I wore those ugly tennis shoes my dad bought me last Christmas and a pair of completely unsuitable denim shorts because I didn’t have anything else. I ran through Chelsea and down to the Thames, and then alongside the Thames for a little bit, feeling the pounding of the cement against my feet, just running, running, running.

I needed to run or I felt like I was going to explode. The morning air bit into me, and I felt the cold running up and down my skin. I ran until my breath ran out and I was gasping for air and my legs felt like lead. And then I kept running, because I couldn’t stop, not yet. The burning, aching, ripping pain in my tired thighs and the sting of the air on my cheeks somehow relaxed me, soothed me, felt good. I let it all wash over me and wash everything away.

 I ran. I ran. I ran.

I ran until I was so tired that I simply collapsed to my knees on the sidewalk, unable to run a second longer. I forced myself to stretch so I wouldn’t be sore the next day—or at least I wouldn’t be too sore—and then I hailed a cab to take me back home as the sun rose in the sky and everything else came awake.'

Isn't that beautiful?

Practical information

I didn't particularly like the book. Except for this part. But if you're interested: Dear Killer is available at

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Enthusiastic Bookworm said...

love book reviews, will have to look into this book and see if I may want to read it. Thanks for sharing, I feel the same about going to the gym and strength training.

Amy W said...

Running is a great stress reliever! I really feel alternating running days and strength training days throughout the week keeps me sane :)
Amy @

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