Why gyms love slackers + the cheapest gym of them all!

It's that time of year again. The time when we're filled to the brim with good intentions. It's a new year, and a new round.

One of the most popular resolutions is 'Getting fitter!'

Which is why gyms are having the time of their year in January. Because just becoming a member can fill you with a virtuous glow.

Unfortunately about 70% of gym memberships are never or only seldomly put to good use! Which kind of makes them a waste of money.

Gyms líke slackers!

But the people at the gym won't tell you this. Because these so called sleeping gym members are a big part of their profit. In fact, if all members of the gym would actually come to exercise, there wouldn't be enough room!

According to Men's Journal gyms need about 10 times as many members as they have the room and equipment for.

And that means they love slackers. People who become a member of the gym, and then never show up.

'The winning marketing strategy, according to Recreation Management Magazine, a health club–industry trade rag, focuses strictly on luring in the "out-of-shape public," meaning all of those people whose doctors have told them, "About 20 minutes three times a week," who won't come often if ever, and who definitely won't join unless everything looks easy, available, and safe. The entire gym, from soup to nuts, has been designed around getting suckers to sign up, and then getting them mildly, vaguely exercised every once in a long while, and then getting them out the door.'

The cheapest gym of them all: the ultimate tip!

 I'm going to let you in on a secret. There's this one gym that's really big. They change their interior every season, and it's free. Yes you heard that right! Free!

And the best thing is: it's right at your doorstep. Because the cheapest and best gym is the whole world. Just step outside and the world is your gym.

Let's get physical!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I haven't belonged to a gym in almost a decade and I don't miss it much. I have a pretty good home gym and and the beautiful outdoors to run in.

Sarah @ Midwest Darling said...

I belong to a gym and it's a cheap one. I found that I can't make myself work as hard at home. If I take the time to go to the gym (which I do regularly) I workout for a good chunk of time. I don't want to waste the trip and effort it took to get there. If I'm just in my living room, I tend to stop after 20 minutes or so.

Midwest Darling

AdriansCrazyLife said...

I did a similar post recently. It definitely is a big scam and people fall for it every year. My son was one of them. He was going to Planet Fitness for $10 a month, but had stopped going. So I told him to imagine walking in and handing them a $10 bill and then walking back out the door. That got his attention. I don't particularly like working out outside - I hate to be too hot or too cold. But I have a treadmill, a stack of exercise tapes, and sometimes I just walk laps around my livingroom. #SITSSharefest

Nicole Orriëns said...

Sounds like a gym works very well for you! And you actually go! Good for you!

Nicole Orriëns said...

I like the way you opened your son's eyes! I don't like feeling too hot or too cold either. But I can get over that now. And I know: after this I can have a nice long shower!

Katherines Corner said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

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