10 reasons to get your child to exercise

When you discover something good, something downright wonderful, it's only natural you want to share it with those around you. I suffer from a bad case of Runner's Evangelism. I can't help but tell people to go for a run, promising it will make them feel great.

The good news is: I am right!

And as a mom, it's a great message to give your children. So I wrote this post featuring 10 great reasons to get your kid(s) to exercise.

10 reasons to get your kids to exercise

  1. Kids who exercise don't have to worry about getting way overweight.
  2. There's a lesser chance of diabetes II.
  3. It's a natural way to release stress. 
  4. During exercise more blood flows to the brain. And that benefits concentration and thinking skills.
  5. Children that exercise don't get a cold quite so easily as their couch potato equivalent.
  6. Exercise will help your child sleep better. And then so will you.
  7. It will get your kid away from the screen and into the great outdoors!
  8. Exercise makes for a perky kid.
  9. It's good for their coordination.
  10. Exercise will give your child self confidence.

All in all, all the perks you get as a mom if you run, your kid(s) will get too!

And I for one, would like my children to have them.

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Unknown said...

Great info here! I need to take some of it to heart for myself, too! LOL Thanks so much for coming and linking up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week! Feel free to bring a friend! :)

Nicole Orriëns said...

Yes, all these things apply to grown ups too!

Unknown said...

I love that it will 'get your kid away from the screen and into the great outdoors!' We have a rule that on two days during the week there is no TV. We run a fencing club as a family which means that everyone gets lots of exercise, but it's good to be reminded of all the reasons why you should exercise.

Mrs.AOK said...

These are all great reasons to get kids moving. Thankfully, the my kids don't complain about getting out and moving. Lately we've had them boxing in the gym with us :)

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