Why do your running clothes smell?

running clothes
Cotton has got a bad name in the world of running.

Because cotton aborbs your sweat. And while this may seem like a kind gesture, the result is you're running around in a moist and clammy shirt. That's why the rule when it comes to running clothes is very clear:

Invest in running clothes with wicked wicking powers!

But these kind of fabrics are usually polyester. And as some researchers from Gent University discovered: polyester stinks!

Polyester stinks

The researchers at Gent University asked 26 men and women to ride a bike. Real hard. Then they collected their sweaty t-shirts and put them in a plastic bag. Then they waited for 28 hours. When the 28 hours were up, they opened the plastic bag and smelled the smell.

They found that the polyester shirts smelled way worse than the cotton ones.

What causes running clothes to stink?

The reason our running clothes become smelly is bacteria! And as it turns out the stinky mircrococcus bacteria lóves polyester. And that is why polyester running clothes smell worse than cotton clothes.

So what's a runner to do? Smell bad or run around in a clammy shirt? I found an easy way out. Just take a shower after your run, and wash your shirt.

And I didn't even have to do research to figure this out.

How do you feel about cotton versus polyester running clothes?

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

polyester all the way, altho I would love to figure out how to get the permanent stink out of my favorite running shirt. whew it stinks! I wear it anyway

Laurie said...

lol! I enjoyed your post! Thank you so much for sharing with us on VMG206 Brag About It!

Unknown said...

I am so glad I do not run! Lol. thanks for linking up at #wednesdayswisdom

Nicole Orriëns said...

I wear my stinky clothes too. The way I figure it, even they're clean they'll become smelly soon enough once I start to run!

Nicole Orriëns said...

While I understand your happiness, you are missing out! Even though your running clothes will become smelly, running is a great way to stay healthy.

Kelly @ Mum-bo-Jumbo said...

I find polyester clothes often stink even after a run. And by running, I mean constantly chasing after my two year old. I rarely wear polyester clothes now because of this. I would like to run more in a more serious way but a recurring ankle injury from my netball days prevents me. Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday, I hope to see you again this week!

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