Running and bikinis


You can tell Summer is coming by the avalanche of training programmes promising you a lean and mean bikini body.

These programmes make me feel fed up. Why is it that we're supposed to be all svelte and bikini proof?! We should take our cue from men. They just pull on some tight speedos and don't even think about how they look. Though it might help their stomach blocks the view...

Or if a bikini doesn't suit our bodies, why not just wear a bathing suit for some more coverage?

Running and bikinis

What's got running got to do with bikinis? Well, running is a way to loose some extra pounds and make you look better in a bikini. But keep in mind: running helps, but it's not a miracle cure. Running helps you burn calories, but:

You have to run for 1 hour to get rid off 1 Big Mac.

But if you're really serious about getting a 'bikini body' whatever that may be, you should also do some strenght training to improve on specific body parts. Like your stomach or upper arms.

But if you can't be bothered, which I totally understand, just put on a bathing suit!

Are you worried about getting 'bikini proof'?

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Unknown said...

I've rarely put on a bikini over the last 20 years....but I'm thinking that this summer I may just do more of it....why not? But I won't fret about it:)

Unknown said...

I am all for a healthy lifestyle and mindful nutrition. I did start my journey back to be in shape because I wanted to look good naked (even less than in a bikini LOL) and I am not going to deny it.
Each one has their own reasons and as long as they are their own (not someone else's) they are valid. With that said, as a certified personal trainer, I have MAJOR concerns about the madness and crazy diets people, mainly women, put themselves into.
If they want to look great in bikini, awesome! But not to satisfy peer pressure and not at the cost of their health and well-being.

Unknown said...

The picture you used cracked me up! Thank you for that. Weight training totally helped me. I lost 80 lbs 7 years ago and have been able to keep it off. It was slow going at first but sped up with I pumped the iron.

Jas @ All that's Jas said...

No bikini for this grandma. Still, I keep working out to tone and lose weight but it keeps finding me, lol. Thank you for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things. Hope you have a fabulous day!

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