Running for the kids

Whether you are a trained athlete or just need some form of regular exercise, running is a great activity to get into and offers amazing benefits for both the mind and the body.

Going for a jog on your own can be quite peaceful. But sometimes we need a challenge to push our boundaries, which is why it’s good to sign up for a race every now and then. Though rather than signing up for fun runs, try signing up for a race that supports a cause you’re passionate about.

Runner with a cause

As mothers, we’re more inclined to help children in our family, immediate community and around the world, so a fundraiser for kids would naturally be the perfect fit for us. After all, the little ones could always use our help, and in some areas of the world, kids have to survive on as little as one euro a day, so imagine how many children we can support with just the event registration fees alone.

Running a marathon to help kids in need

Dozens of marathons dedicated to the welfare of vulnerable kids are held throughout the year in multiple locations across America. And ones in particular you might enjoy are the races organized by runDisney.

runDisney hosts great runs

Having just finished their annual Disney Princess Half Marathon fundraiser in Florida, which was presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, runDisney hosts a number of themed runs in various Disney resorts in support of different charities.

If you’re looking to register for a marathon through a charity, organizations like Save the Children often sign up as a team for Ironman challenges and such to spread awareness and do a bit of fundraising on their own.

Often, local children’s hospitals will plan their own events to raise funds for children’s cancer research or improve facilities, so if you can’t travel to any of the listed marathons, check for events in your community.

If none are available, consider grabbing a group of friends and start your own.

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