16 interesting facts about the price of running shoes!

price of running shoes
I think every runner knows by now about the importance of the right pair of running shoes. Unless they've been living underneath a rock.

And then they're probably at home crying because they got injured.

But running shoes can be expensive. So it's interesting to know more about the prices of running shoes.

The good people of RunRepeat did some research! They went ahead and analysed the price of 183,911 running shoes. And then they made a nice infographic of the results.

But if you're not a fan of infographics, here's a nice summary of their key conclusions.

Interesting facts about the price of running shoes!

  1. Save 38.14% ($46.19) buying running shoes online on average 
  2. Save another 19.36% ($14.50) buying last years version on average 
  3. 86% of all running shoes are available at a discounted price online. 
  4. 56% of all running shoes are available at at 30% to 69% discount online. 
  5. Best savings: Scott (62%), Reebok (53%) and Skechers (53%). 
  6. Worst savings: Vibram FiveFingers (15%) and Topo Athletic (15%). 
  7. Nike, Brooks, Asics and Adidas are discounted from 31% to 40%. 
  8. Multisport brands are discounted 12.95% more than running specific brands. 
  9. The more arch support you request, the more expensive the running shoe is. 
  10.  Competition shoes are 17.01% ($13.22) cheaper than every day running shoes. 
  11. The worse the reviews of a running shoe, the higher the discount. 
  12. Running shoes are $5.60 more expensive for every ounce heavier it is. 
  13. Best savings: Sierra Trading Post (41%), Amazon (34%) and Shoebacca (30%). 
  14. Worst savings: Road Runner (1%), Denali Outdoor (1%) and Zappos (4%). 
  15. Greatest selection: Amazon (2479), Road Runner (1320) and Zappos (915). 
  16. The worse the reviews, the higher the discount

The infographic!

How much do you spend on a pair of running shoes?

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