Therein lies the toe rub

toe rub
My little left toe and its nearest neighbour, rub each other the wrong way.

And yesterday, after my run, I discovered they'd made a bloodbath. So I wrapped the neighbour in a nice plaster with little trains on it, and thought no more of it.

I'm hurt real bad!

Today I went running, but after three miles my little left toe started sending me frantic messages:

'I'm hurt real bad!'

I ignored it, because I hate whiney toes. But after another mile it hurt so much I decided I to take a look.

I took off my shoe, and saw my little toe's neighbour's plaster had created a nice big blister on my little toe! Feeling like the little mermaid I tried to hobble home, because there was no way I was putting my shoe on again. It hurt too much!

How do I get home?

'So this is barefoot running', I thought to myself. But soon my feet started to hurt and I tried to find another solution. I tried to tie my whole shoe beneath my foot, but that most certainly didn't work. Then I had this great MacGyver moment:

'I'll use my sock to wrap my little toe in! And then I'll put my shoe on.'

So I did, and it felt wonderful! 'I can walk again!' I shouted in delight.

But when I got home I put a plaster on my little toe, just to be sure. It had little eskimo's on it.

I hope it's neighbour doesn't get jealous.

How to prevent toe rub: tips and pointers!

Using some lubricant, like Bodyglide, on the toes that rub each other the wrong way can help a lot. Also make sure your running shoes are suitable for your feet.

You could also buy some toe socks, like Injinji toe socks.

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Sum of their Stories said...

I'm afraid I don't run but my husband used to do marathons a few years ago. He found the same problem and we managed to get these little foam toe covers that weren't expensive. So your toe has a little individual padded "sock". They really did help. He also says going up a shoe size helped a lot too. At least you were able to find an instant solution mid run and make it home again!

Nicole The Professional Mom Project said...

Oh no! I totally understand this. When I was training for a half marathon a few years ago I was on a very long run and the same thing happened. I came home and my shoe, sock everything was bloody and gross! My biggest tip is make sure your toenails are cut very short!

Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

Nicole Orriëns said...

That sounds like an inventive solution Julia. Thanks for the tip!

Nicole Orriëns said...

Yes it can get really bloody inside your running shoes! My nails are nice and short, but nevertheless my toes rubbed each other the wrong way...

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