Running scared

running scared
Brothers Lionhart: scary dragon

As a child I just loved the books by Astrid Lindgren.

In my mind I played with the children from Bullerby, lived on Seacrow Island and had adventures with the Lionheart brothers. So when I saw a dvd-box with the complete works of Astrid Lindgren I grabbed it and happily ran to the cash register.

Then the dvd-box just stood there for a while, gathering dust. Until this afternoon. In a surge of desire to be a Good Mom I announced: 'Let's play Let's go to the movies!, and we'll watch the Brothers Lionheart together!

Watching with the kids

The kids and I gathered on the sofa and watched both Jonathan and Karl dying and then go to the land Nangijala, which must be the most beautiful piece of land anyone has ever seen. With lots of trees carrying cherry blossoms, and gently sloping hills and small babbling brooks.

Indeed it would have been paradise if not for that big bully Tengil, who spoiled everything with his big fire breathing dragon.

But while I, as a child, I quaked with fear at the sight of  that big dragon my children just laughed.

'Is that dragon made from paper mache?' my son John giggled.
'It's sooo fake,' his little sister agreed.

Next time I'll watch it with my husband Floris.

At least he runs scared easily!

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