Cloudy, with several clusters of storms

running mom

I feel fed up, and generally in a really foul mood. I don't know what got into me! Usually I'm such a nice kind of girl.

Feeling bad? Go for a run!

Feeling like this calls for an emergency run of course. That's sure to make me feel better. But since I just got my period, my pelvic floor muscles have taken up residence between my knees. And I dare not submit them to the repetitive pounding of running.

Me and my bad mood

So it's just me and my very unpleasant mood. I tried some yoga breaths, but they only made me more angry and frustrated! Now I'm sitting here, malevolently pounding the keyboard.

However, this Sunday I predict a sunny ten miler and a mood to match.

Because really, I'm a nice girl.

If only I can run.

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Unknown said...

Yes sometimes it does happen..Have been through it also..

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