How can you get your kids interested in running?

running for children

With childhood obesity on the rise, there has never been a better time than now to get your kids more fit and healthy. So many foods which are targeted at children, such as sugary cereals and lollipops, are easily accessible and cheap, so it is no surprise to see children purchase these treats with their pocket money.

Teach your kids healthy habits

We all need a balanced diet and of course we are all allowed to have a treat from time to time, but it is also important the next generation learns about staying fit as well as healthy.

If you have recently got into running - maybe it's to shift some of those pregnancy pounds, or you just fancied some fresh air on a summer's afternoon rather than watching TV or playing indoors - then you will already know all the positive effects of taking up jogging. Teaching your kids these healthy habits will benefit them later on in life, plus they are likely to teach their kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle too.

So if you love running, then why not get your kids interested too? Here are some ways you can get them keen on going running with you.

Choose the right scenery

There's nothing more boring that running on a treadmill at the gym and staring at the wall in front of you. Instead, it's far more fun to run outside in a lovely park. Why not take your kids to parks which also have nature trails? You could combine your run with a wildlife walk, or play at the playground after a short jog around the park.

Have your kids as your cheerleaders

If you often run races to raise money for charity, then ask your kids to be your cheerleaders. They are sure to be inspired after experiencing all the race excitement and watching you cross the finish line.

Kids races

Your kids are sure to love participating in a children's run - they are normally quite short (a mile or less) and at the end they are rewarded with a T-shirt, a ribbon, or some other race souvenir. Being part of this exciting environment is sure to get them excited about running.


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Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

Beth @ said...

Great Ideas there! I'm not great at running as I haven't gotten to the stage in my journey where I am comfortable to run.

Thank you for linking up with #FeelGoodLinky last month. I look forward to seeing you this month.

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