How to buy a good heart monitor?

After reading in several books about the importance of breathing, and training in the right 'zone' I had an epiphany: I needed a heart monitor!

My 4 criteria for a heart monitor

After my epiphany, I realized: I'm going to have to some research to find a good heart monitor that is:

a. easy to use
b. easy to use
c. cheap
d. easy to use

And the winners is… the Polar FT4

Luckily I found lots of reviews on amazon.comand after studying them carefully, I decided on the Polar FT4 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Bronze). It looked pretty, and even though it had five buttons, people were saying it wasn't difficult to manage.

Polar FT4 So far, so good!

I have now run five times with my Polar FT4, and I am pleased with it. I can handle the five buttons without too much hair pulling and hand wrenching, and it offers me the info I wanted: how my heart is doing!

According to the Polar FT4 my best training zone lies between 116 and 151, and I have already made a discovery: apparently I run wáy too fast!

Practical info about Polar FT4

You can get a Polar FT4 for 65,75 USD at

Do you use a heart monitor during your runs?

Stay tuned for my review of the Polar FT4!

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